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Design & Construction

In this unit, you will learn about common greenhouse benching systems and how to calculate space usage efficiencies.

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Greenhouse Benching and Production Surfaces

  1. Greenhouse Benching and Production Surfaces
    • Production surface height
    • Production surface width
    • Air or drainage spaces in production surfaces
    • Strength
    • Cost
    • Compatibility with irrigation methods
    • Support requirement
    • Adaptability to new technology

  2. Greenhouse Benching Materials

  3. Common Greenhouse Benching Systems
    • Stationary elevated benches
    • Rolling elevated benches
    • Removable benches
    • Wire cage benches
    • Ebb-and-flow benches
    • Dutch trays
    • Troughs
    • Gravel and weed-mat floors
    • Concrete floors
    • Flood floors
    • Ground beds
    • Hanging basket systems

  4. Sanitation of Greenhouse Benches and Production Surfaces

  5. Calculating Production Surface Area and Space Usage Efficiency