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In this unit, you will learn about plant nutrition, application of macro- and microelements, slow-release and water-soluble fertilizers, relationships between mineral nutrition and pH and E.C. You will also learn about nutritional monitoring and how to calculate parts-per-million for fertilizer solutions.

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Mineral Elements and Greenhouse Crop Fertilization

  1. Introduction

  2. Primary Micronutrients
    • Nitrogen
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium

  3. Secondary Macroelements
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Sulfur

  4. Microelements

  5. Liquid Fertilization, Controlled-release, and Slow-Release Fertilizers
    • Liquid Fertilization with Water-Soluble Fertilizers
    • Fertilization with Controlled-Release Fertilizers
    • Fertilization with Slow-Release Fertilizers

  6. Reading and Understanding Fertilizer Labels

  7. Fertilizer Calculations for Liquid Fertilization Programs

  8. Nutritional Management and Monitoring
    • Crop Stage
    • Time of Year
    • Amount of Mineral Elements
    • Proportions/Ratios of Elements
    • Form of Element
    • Substrate Components
    • Substrate pH
    • Substrate Cation-Exchange-Capacity
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Water Quality
    • Irrigation Method

  9. Substrate and Tissue Tests for Managing Mineral Nutrition
    • Saturated Medium Extract (SME)
    • PourThru
    • 1:2 Dilutions

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