Greenhouse Management Online Section 1: Design & Construction Section 2: Benching Systems Section 3: Glazing Materials Section 4: Lighting Section 5: Heating Systems Section 6: Cooling Systems Section 7: Substrates Section 8: Mineral Nutrition Section 9: Irrigation Systems Section 10: Plant Growth Regulators Section 11: Atomspheres Section 12: Hydroponics

Greenhouse Management Online is a college-level interactive learning center for greenhouse management. It is also designed to serve as a resource for the horticulture industry. Each learning unit is focused on a specific topic and contains text, figures, images, video, and a self-test.

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Unit 1: Basic Design & Construction, You will learn about environmental parameters that we attempt to control, common types of controlled environments, greenhouse site selection, greenhouse designs and structural components, greenhouse structural materials and structural design considerations.

Unit 2: Benching Systems, You will learn about common greenhouse benching systems and how to calculate space usage efficiencies.

Unit 3: Glazing Materials, You will learn about glazing and shading materials and how to determine greenhouse surface areas and volumes.

Unit 4: Lighting, You will learn about light in the greenhouse environment. You will learn about the importance of light quality, quantity and photoperiod. The unit includes methods to appropriately measure light quantity and how to increase or decrease light quantity, and you will learn how to control photoperiod in the greenhouse.

Unit 5: Heating Systems, You will learn about types of greenhouse heating systems, how to estimate heating requirements for greenhouses, and how to minimize greenhouse heating costs.

Unit 6: Cooling Systems, You will learn about greenhouse cooling systems and learn how to calculate required air flow and determine components specifications for a fan-and-pad greenhouse cooling system.

Unit 7: Substrates, You will learn about important characteristics of greenhouse substrates. You will learn about greenhouse substrate components and amendments, and you will learn how to formulate and handle substrates appropriately.

Unit 8: Mineral Nutrition, You will learn about plant nutrition, application of macro and microelements, slow-release and water-soluble fertilizers, relationships between mineral nutrition and pH and E.C. You will also learn about nutritional monitoring and you will learn how to calculate parts per million for fertilizer solutions.

Unit 9: Irrigation Systems & Water Quality, You will learn about common greenhouse irrigation systems. You will also learn about common water quality problems and how to correct them.

Unit 10: Plant Growth Regulators, You will learn about common growth regulators used in greenhouse crops production. You will learn about the appropriate uses of each growth regulator, and you will learn how to calculate concentrations and parts-per-million for growth regulator application.

Unit 11: Atmospheres, You will learn about several topics related to the atmosphere in greenhouses including CO2 enrichment, humidity controls and pollutants.

Unit 12: Hydroponic Systems, You will learn about several topics related to hydroponics.

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